Ronaldo Vs Messi ~ cristiano ronaldo net worth
cristiano ronaldo net worth

Well, I am not taking any sides, but every person has a right to keep an opinion, so to ease that I have garnered some points that can ease you in to making your judgment.

Ronaldo has an unflinching pace that takes defenders with surprise; his sharp acceleration helps the cause. Messi likes to take defenders one-on-one while inching closer to the opponents' goal-line.

  Ball control & Dribbling: Dribbling is the Magnus opus of Messi. In fact most of his goals are the result of his gifted supremacy in dribbling. On the other hand, Ronaldo though has a supremacy in the step-overs (or the scissors), but he's been seen a small shy of perfectly executing sometimes.

  Pace & acceleration: Ronaldo has a pace like a leopard, out-beating his markers is a walk in the park for him. Messi has pace to do the out-pacing & he puts his dab body in lovely use by making low profile supporting runs.

cristiano ronaldo net worth

  Assists: I think about both players selfless, though Ronaldo is often touted as a egocentric player, but having played at winging position myself, I do know that wingers don't get plenty of chances to show their selflessness.

  Strategy: Both players are lovely at crafting clear-cut opportunities for their teams. They are not only great cold finishers but are equally professional in engineering opportunities that literally beg for finish.

  Acrobatics & weak-foot ability: Messi has been termed weak in this particular department, & it is true owing to his meager 5'7" height, but in recent seasons, he's been making constant progress to subdue such allegations. Statistically speaking, he scores a fair amount of goals with headers. Ronaldo leaps over leaping defenders is a continuing sight in Real's game & its clear that there is no dearth in his aerial abilities. Weak foot ability is a thing, though is not a necessary quality but is a great quality to have when bailing out from a compromising situation. Both wizards have excellent weak foot ability, which helps them to gain additional points & fan appreciation.

  Shooting: Shooting from a distance is what has made Ronaldo a priceless treasure. His thunderous shots are a scary sight for even best of the goalkeepers. Messi has not been seen much with the long shots but he cannot be underestimated for that.

cristiano ronaldo net worth