the way How Ronaldo Feint ~ cristiano ronaldo net worth
cristiano ronaldo net worth

The Ronaldo Feint is of Cristiano Ronaldo's favourite tricks that they loves to perform in matches & is seen pulling the trick off with ease even in the toughest game situations.

You ought to start off learning the heel kick first; it is an essential part of the Ronaldo Feint.

cristiano ronaldo net worth

Step two: Jump up, while doing this, get your left foot in front of your right foot.

Step one: While dribbling, make positive the ball is in front of you.

Step three: Hit the ball with the inside of your right foot. Make positive the ball goes left & a bit forward!

After having learned how to do a heel kick, you can continue on & learn how to do the Ronaldo Feint.

To practice this move & be able to do it like Ronaldo, you either require another player or a box on the ground to simulate a player.

Step one: Position your box or other player, in front of you, far so you can build up some speed while moving towards it.

Step two: Move the ball toward your opponent in short controlled moves, trying to keep the ball under tight control.

Step three: Pretend to start to move past him in the opposite direction of your intended path.

Step five: As it passes by the ball, heel kick the ball behind the right leg quickly.

Step four: Let your right foot hover past the ball to help in shielding the opponent's tackle.

Step 6: Run past your opponent & gain control over the ball.

cristiano ronaldo net worth